List Nodes

This method lists all of your nodes child nodes.


GET /v1/nodes


You must authenticate using the admin node's macaroon.

Pagination Request Parameters

pageIntegerThe page number to return
takeIntegerHow many items to include per page
queryStringOptional parameter to search for nodes by username, alias, or pubkey

Pagination Response Parameters

has_moreBooleanWhether or not there are any more pages after the one requested
totalIntegerThe total number of items for the provided request parameters

Request Parameters

There are no additional request parameters.

Response Parameters

nodesNode[]A list of node objects

Node Object

idIntegerInternal auto-incremented indentifier
external_idStringAn auto-generated identifier that is globally unique
roleIntegerWhat type of node this is. 0 = admin, 1 => child
usernameStringThe username used to log into this node
aliasStringThe alias broadcast to the lightning network
networkStringThe network this node is connected to (Regtest, Testnet, Mainnet, etc)
listen_addrStringThe hostname this node is listening on for p2p connections
listen_portIntegerThe port this node is listening on for p2p connections
pubkeyStringThe node's public key or node identifier
created_atStringA timestamp when this node was created
updated_atStringA timestamp the last time any of these fields were updated
statusIntegerWhether the node is stopped or running