Init Sensei

This method initializes a brand new Sensei node. It can only be called once during intial setup. It is used to set your node username, alias, passphrase, and initial configuration.

This method will also instantiate your seed phrase and admin.macaroon file. This means this endpoint is unauthenticated.


POST /v1/init


No authentication required.

Request Parameters

usernameStringUsed for logging into the web administration panel
passphraseStringUsed to encrypt seed information on disk and as your password for logging into the web administration panel
aliasStringThe name of your node that will be broadcast to the lightning network
electrum_urlStringThe connection string for your electrum server
startBooleanWhether or not to also unlock and start your node upon successful init

Response Parameters

pubkeyStringYour node public key. This is often described as your node's id
macaroonStringHex encoded admin.macaroon file
external_idStringAn internal identifier for your node
roleStringDesignates the type of node that was intialized